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the speaker up on that? >> paul ryan's offer. this on one i'm. paul ryan's budget, passed by all the republicans, incurred trillions in debt because he kept taxes, he assumed it would stay at 19% of gdp and did nothing on the tax side at all. he was considered an intellectual hero. that's a joke. you know, this is the other side of the same thing. >> paul ryan is a good man. >> you need a paul ryan on your team. that's why i want you to go back -- you were very good. >> he's not a fiscal conservative. >> i am. >> god bless you. >> the best thing they do in proposal is try to kill the debt limit. we're the only country except for denmark. you can't have a debt limit being used to hold washington hostage anymore. >> that just takes more discipline away. catherine, i appeal to your libertarian free market instincts. >> okay. >> are these gentlemen -- they're all very well-meaning here. we have a conservative. a conservative, a moderate democrat here, but are they all blowing smoke at us? do you see any real downsizing of the federal government? do you see us returning to the basic f
remember that when this campaign started and paul ryan was named as running mate everyone said, medicare, they're going to crush the republicans on medicare in florida. we are winning the medicare debate in florida and i believe nationally. that's good for our country because we can start talking maturely about what it is we need to do to save that program and balance our budget. >> will connie mack's son, how what's he going to do with incumbent senator bill nelson? it could be a gop turnaround. the republicans need some turnarounds. what's your prognostication on that race? >> i think he's worked really hard. he's become a really good campaigner down the stretch here, especially. you can see the polls have tightened and i think he's got momentum on his side. we're hoping he'll help us get a new majority in the senate so we can get some business done. >> marco rubio in florida, thank you, good to see you. >>> coming up, special republicans expected to hold the house. but can the gop also gain control of the senate? we just talked about florida. much more coming up next. >>> i think pres
that paul ryan, putting paul ryan as you just suggested, a catholic, will actually fire up the evangelical vote. >> no question about it. you know, paul ryan is mostly known for his work on the budget, for his plans to reform and save medicare. and he's mostly known for his stands on fiscal issues. but you know very well, larry, that paul ryan is a serious and devout and faithful catholic. he takes his faith very seriously. he wrote an open letter to the catholic bishops defending his budget. according to catholic social teachings, specifically solidarity and subsidiarity which states that help for the poor and the needy should be at the point closest to the need and should not be bureaucratic. he's pro life. he's pro marriage. he's pro family. i'll tell you this, on economic issues, as well as cultural issues, when mitt romney picked paul ryan, he made it clear that he was not comfortable to just be the anti-obama. that he wanted to lean forward and have a reform-oriented, forwar forward-leaning campaign. a real alternative. >> a statement of principles. the candidate of change. that's re
, however, if mitt romney wins. that's because paul ryan would be the vice president. in the house of representatives, democrats face an uphill battle. they would need a net 25 seat gain in the house in order for things to switch over. that's caused a lot of people to focus on what happens with the fiscal cliff negotiations after we get this election tonight. as you're seeing there, you're looking at paul ryan's campaign website. remember, he's running for the house of representatives tonight as a hedge in case he loses the vice president vice presidency. will he be a member of the house? will he be the vice president of the united states? obviously, we're watching some of those negotiations that are ongoing already before the election. i want to show you a quote here from speaker of the house john boehner who said this to politico just yesterday. he said, we're not raising taxes on small business people. ernst and young has made this clear. it's beginning to cost our country 700,000 jobs. why in the world would we want to do that? this is john boehner laying down a line in the san
that. p. >> the real winner will be paul ryan no matter what the outcome, explain that. >> i definitely think that paul ryan is the winner no matter what the outcome. if obama and biden are successful, paul ryan is essentially just beginning his career. he's fast tracked many individuals who were older and more experienced. and for many republicans it's about 2016. and before this election cycle, republican names are chris christie, jeb bush, marco rubio. and now that paul ryan is on the seat, his name has to be included in that lens for 20167. i think the better you come is that romney and ryan don't win and ryan can just focus the next four years on either running for governor, running for senate seat, but really thinking about 2016 as a viable option for himself. >> and what will give you the first indication that maybe romney can pull this off? >> if ohio comes together for him, that would definitely be a huge indicator. the northeast is not really going to be a romney sweep by any stretch. it will be a nail biter. i think we will go quite late this evening. but ohio and maybe penns
national convention. and something interesting to throw in here. paul ryan, who was running for the house again, he is projected to win that house seat for paul ryan. he has won one of his two races. >> he did vote twice today in jamesville, wisconsin. >> we are watching still too close to call situations and too early to call. there's colorado, too close to call. 18 electoral votes, very important for both candidates to win ohio and florida. stay with your money, your vote on cnbc. back in a moment. to a currency market for everyone. the potential of fxcm unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. the potential of yelp unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. and you pick the price that works for you. g
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paul ryan was added to the ticket. but most importantly, the day after mitt romney had that impressive first debate in denver, we saw the phone lines lit up, we saw volunteers coming in droves and the numbers going up for mitt romney. i think momentum is clearly on the romney/ryan campaign side of things. >> let's dig in on that. one thing, governor walker. wisconsin unemployment rate is 7.3%. you've done such a good job, you're way below the national rate. in states that have lower unemployment than the national amp, does that help president obama? >> no, because voters are smart. i don't buy that others in the media have that cynicism that somehow voters conditions make that connection. you look at ohio, virginia, what we've done in wisconsin, it didn't turn around until the last two years, less than two years. and it turned around because republican governors came into those states, got the economy improving again. think about how much better it could be if we put a republican governor, a former republican governor, in charge as our president. that's the clear difference. at the con
of scott walker and paul ryan, that could be a big surprise. i'm hugely interested in pennsylvania. that was not on the romney map initially. what's happened is after the debates, pennsylvania shot up. he's drawing gigantic crowds there, and that could be a big surprise. then one little one. it's only six votes, if i'm not mistaken, but he's doing very well in iowa. he's polling very well in iowa. i'm not a polling expert, lord knows, but i'll say this. romney could lose ohio. he could lose pennsylvania. and he could still win the election. >> how? >> the south. >> colorado and wisconsin. colorado and wisconsin. >> you don't think wisconsin is a given, though, because of paul ryan? of course, it's not a given in massachusetts either, is it? >> i'll tell you this, i don't think anything is a given. you know why i say that? i think the voter i.d. turnouts that are determining these polls are highly flawed this year. you had 2008 which was an outlier. if you decide democrats plus seven or democrats plus five based on 2008, what about 2004? what about 2000? what about 2010, for example
three, wisconsin, paul ryan's home state, ohio, the state we have just been talking about and also nevada, big harry reid's home state, the senate leader, big union vote, big hispanic vote there. if he gets those three things, barack obama gets to 271 electoral votes and wins, tyler. >> but not any three of those nine states? >> specifically those three. >> specifically those three. say it again, ohio, nevada -- >> ohio, wisconsin, nevada. if barack obama gets those three, can win every other swing state -- >> do the polls tell us that he is ahead in those three? >> yes. >> they do? >> he is ahead in all three. in fact of the nine swing states, tyler, mitt romney has a clear lead only in the state of north carolina. he is even with president obama in florida and many strategists in both parties believe florida will go to mitt romney but he has got to get a lot more than that. >> john harwood, thank you very much. as john outlined it is very difficult for either candidate, frankly, to get to that magic 270 number without the state of ohio and here's video evidence from cleveland as
and for this great nation. >> and in a matter of minutes, it was all over. romney and his running mate paul ryan and their families exiting the political stage. the pictures and the imagery kind of said it all. back to you guys. >> hampton, thank you very much. we go from the white house to capitol hill. the balance of power stays the same in congress. eamon joins us now for that side of the story. >> democrats needed 25 seats to take over the house of representatives. they didn't get there. i think we've got a graphic here that will show what the spread was in the house. and you look at that, you see the democrats had a long way to go. 197, 238. and look at the senate. in the senate, republicans were hoping going into the night that they might be able to get four pickups in the end of the day, we looked at a democrat-plus two situation. two independents, angus king, the independent who was elected last night from the state of maine, has not said which party he'll caucus with. in the end, it won't make the difference in the balance of control in the senate. we're expecting that he'll caucus with
at 10:00 a.m. and then with house republicans including speaker john boehner, eric cantor and paul ryan. geithner will lunch with mitch mcconnell and then house minority leader nancy pelosi. president obama is signaling he's flexible on on where tax rates should go for the wealthiest americans. a return to the clinton era tax rates would have households pay between 36% to 39%. the president met with a group of 14 ceos wednesday afternoon. they offered support for resolving the if i can crisis with a proposal for higher taxes for those who make more than a quarter million dollars a year. sdl bo >> both sides have acknowledged that there will be revenue concessions and sbilgtment cent concessio concessions. i'm not a master of the political art here, but i would say if you have these point of views in a business context as close as they are, i would say a deal would be in reach. >> ford chairman bill ford junior agrees with blankfein saying he's confident the obama administration can reach a deal with congress to avoid the fiscal cliff. but speaking with reporters in bangkok, he says the
republicans maintain their control over the house of representatives. romney's running mate paul ryan won his re-election campaign for his house seat. >> joining us for more analysis is ron freeman. ron, good morning. >> good morning, kelly. >> ron, what's your initial reaction here to the outcome? what's the biggest impact this is going to have on policy? >> i think the biggest impact it will have on policy is we have a president we know well. we know what his policies are. we know what he's tried to do. the real question is whether the congress will see that the negation approach has not worked for them and they need now to come together to a grand bargain as they face the imminent fiscal cliff, even during the lame duck congress. >> i thought for at least this morning we could put the uncertainty question out of our minds. haven't all of our problems been solved? shouldn't we know that everyone's going to come together in the bipartisan spirit they're so espousing in these speeches overnight? >> kelly, as always, you ask just the right question. as we know, governor romney was obliged beca
a little differently. mitt romney and paul ryan are good men. they're good leaders. i want to wish mitt, ann, paul, and janna and their families well. the american people have spoken. they've re-elected president obama, and they've again re-elected a republican majority in the house of representatives. if there's a mandate in yesterday's results, it's a mandate for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to the challenges that we all face as a nation. my message today is not one of confrontation but one of conviction. in the weeks and months ahead, we face a series of tremendous challenges and great opportunity. just weeks away from now looms the so-called fiscal cliff, a combination of automatic spending cuts and tax increases mandated by law. within months of the fiscal cliff, congress will be asked to raise the nation's debt ceiling. around the same time, legislation will be needed to keep the government running as a continuing resolution under which we're currently operating expires. amid all of these short-term hurdles, we face the greatest challenge of all. a massive de
wins the presidency, they only need three seats and that's because a vice president paul ryan would be the guy to cast the tie breaking vote in the senate. in the house, the split is 240/190 in favor of the republicans. that means democrats will need a 25 seat net gain in order to break the difference. there are five vacancies in the house of representatives right now and that's why they need a 25 seat net gain in the house of representatives there you see the split 240/190 for the democrats. so i want to talk about what's going to be the big factor at play tonight. the guys from the cook political report had a great report that i saw yesterday talking about the demographics of this race. we've been so focused on white male, hispanic, the female vote. and what the cook guys and their analysts concluded yesterday is that in a lot of these senate and house races, it's gotten to the point where demographics are destiny. it matters so many more than actual candidate quality. so forget about the talking points and stump speeches. what they are concluding is that we're getting to a place
is close to paul ryan. he's one of those 100. if paul ryan wants to run for president in 2016 -- >> they're talking about jeb bush and chris christie and marco rubio. >> but he has a big future in politics in the republican party. >> i haven't seen paul ryan in four or five months. >> anyway, all i'm suggesting is -- >> has he been around? i thought he left the country. >> they will remember. >> i won't take cheap shots. >> you think he's in the witness protection program? >> i'm not going to take a cheap shot. he has not come on on the show and he was on a lot. so i won't take a cheap shot. he hasn't been training for the marathon. that was going to be my cheap shot that i wasn't going to take, but he has not been on this show until though he used to come on all the time. >> was it a cheap shot? >> yeah. >> probably was. anyway, of course he's one of the 100. there's a the lot of guys in there that -- i know plouffe says it was a clear vote by americans that they want taxes raised. there are a lot of thins that went into that election. and i think the exit polls was at like 40% said tha
:00 and then followed by a session with john boehner, eric cantor, paul ryan and chairman of the house's tax writing ways and means committee dave camp. also lunch with republican senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi. yesterday a number of high profile corporate leaders met with president obama at the white house, including lloyd blankfein. >> both sides have acknowledge there had is revenue concessions and entitlement concessions. in fact if you listen to it, again, i'm not a master of the political art here, but i would say if you have these point of views in a business context, i would say a deal would be in reach. >> among our guests this morning, we have ron johnson. at the white house today, president obama will host mitt romney for a private lunch. it's their first meeting since the election. and this his victory speech, obama promised to engage with romney and consider his ideas. >> a lot of people didn't think the lunch would ever happen. >> interesting if he's going to be talking about ideas, mitt romney's idea had been to reach some sort of a cap on it 00 mem deductions
house republicans will give them and does having paul ryan as liaison to the house change things? >> of course it does. i think if the governor wins or if the president is re-elected, they both will understand that in their term of office the one predictable catastrophic event that's going to occur is the fiscal meltdown as a result of our accumulation of death and there will be an attack on the dollar and it will become a very dramatic and depressing economic eve event. whoever is the next president will have to step up to this issue. i think mitt romney would do it in a more aggressive way and effective way but the simple fact is they're going to have to do it and it will have to be bipartisan. you can't address these big issues like medicare, medicaid, social security and tax reform unless you do it in a bipartisan way. that's why we have joined together with large group of people including a lot of folks working in the senate and the house to try to reach a process to get to an agreement. >> we'll leave it there. senator, governor, good to have you on the program. thanks for
put together and that people like paul ryan rejected back in 2010 would take taxes as a percentage of gdp from 18.5% during full employment, the average over the last 30 years, to 21%. that's a 2.5% of gdp tax increase or $5 trillion tax increase over the next decade. he tends not to mention that. add to that $1 trillion in limiting deductions -- >> okay, you're deep in the weeds here, grover. first of all, did alan simpson really leave a message on your voicemail? >> oh, several. rambling and long and inane. yes. >> all right. now, even john boehner and mitch mcconnell came out of that meeting in the white house and used the word revenue. it's on want table. they are acknowledging they will raise revenue. the only way i know to raise revenue is to raise taxes. i mean, does it sound to you like there's going to be a tax increase after all? >> no. if you remember, the comment that boehner and mitch mcconnell have made is they want revenue from economic growth. the best way to get revenue for the federal government is to grow the economy faster rather than slower. if you grow at 4% a
wanted paul ryan. i think that this is a situation where again just like 2008 there was a presidential candidate who really was interested in moving toward a moderate for the vice presidential pick and ended up going back to the base when they actually made the selection. >> so what changed in mr. romney's mind if this flirtation, that fascination or whatever it was with governor christie cooled. what changed? >> if only i could get into mitt romney's mind to know exactly what was going on there at the time. unfortunately, i don't have that power. it would be a great power particularly for predict being the stock market. but i think what you see here is a situation where it's been very difficult to have two moderates on the ticket. i think there may have been some personality clashes. they're two very different guys. chris christie is very popular with sort of lunch pail voters that typically might be democrat but will cross over and vote for him on the republican side. since then we've seen a lot of bad blood between the christie camp and the romney camp. no love lost at all. >> let's
auspicious for him in a state that both parties are contesting. secondly, go to wisconsin. this is paul ryan's home state, one that republicans have been hoping to steal out of the democratic column. they haven't carried it since 1988. and you've got the democrats with a 3 percentage point lead, 49% for president obama, 46% for mitt romney. finally new hampshire, the only state in the northeast where mitt romney's a real threat to take away from democrats. president obama's got a 2 percentage point lead, 49-24. in all of these polls, we see that mitt romney is roughly even with the president on the -- who can best manage the economy. on their favorable ratings, mitt romney's has improved, but in each case the lead the president has among women is spllightly larger than the lead mitt romney has among men. simen? >> john, thank you. >>> let's move from sandy and the road to recovery. baby steps i'm afraid still being taken in the city of new york today, including reports that manhattan power may be back online during the course of the weekend. until then, things appear to be getting tense. our
gains. we assume what paul ryan wants to do is keep those at the rates where they are now. but in talking to republican lobbyist types around town, wall street lobbyist types around town they are betting the capital gains rate will go up at some point in this fiscal cliff negotiation somewhere to the range of 20%, 22%, even 25%. he think they sort of an inevitable outcome here as washington is looking for new sources of revenue. that's one thing to focus on here between now and the end of the year. >>> we have 49 days until that deadline. america's economy literally being held hostage, many say, by washington and as the clock ticks down we're holding lawmakers' feet to the fire. congresswoman allison schwartz represents the 13th district of pennsylvania and she is on the budget committee and the foreign affairs committee in the house. miss schwartz, thank you for joining us. congratulations on your re-election. >> thank you. >> let's go to the question that eamon just raised about capital gains. obviously of key interest to our audience and investor centered audience. do y
's to the right. we'll see what happens with the senate. how much room are they going to give him even with paul ryan acting as a liaison? >> again, the first thing we have to do is get the fiscal cliff fixed. i think governor romney would like to extend everything for a year. if you look at fiscal policy history, when you have a president who leads, a president that negotiates with the other side and uses treasury staff to write a tax bill and then sends that bill up to congress and says, look, guys, this is the best we can do. no cherry picking. that's the history of successful presidential leadership. it's not something we've seen over the last four years and something you will see if governor romney is elected. he'll be compromising and negotiating and trying to get legislation done as he did in massachusetts. >> there was a suggestion that if president obama lost the election would veto any move on the fiscal cliff that didn't involve a higher rate of taxation on the wealthy people in the country. how do you work around that? how disruptive could that be? >> you know, i think there's been a
about the role of paul ryan in all of this and whether he will be able to work with boehner on this and whether he has to take a hard position against boehner. >> and whether eric cantor will go along with whatever plan boehner puts out. >> i think it will be tough sledding. >> i still think it would be easier to sell a one year, you know, and then do bigger tax reform. do one year, everybody can agree on that. >> we're not getting a solution. if the democrats have r. so convinced about below 250, you can still have an argument about whether it's a good idea up there in a recession to raise taxes. >> it's the idea of closing loopholes and finding a way to raise revenue so is you can say, yes, we are raising revenue by doing this. >> the other thing i kept hearing was this idea of maybe going from 250 up to a million bucks. and whether that would change the conversation. >> it probably would. >> conservatives didn't farewell and there's a lot of hammering. but here's one who speaks for some conservatives. he's saying we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny.
has spending cuts on the table. it's the rate of increase, even paul ryan's was going to grow spending at 3% or so a year. >> what would you cut, wilbur? >> hmm? >> what would you not slow but cut? >> you have to deal with medical, for example, talking about the reform in health care is a joke if you don't deal with medical malpractice. there's been no talk about that at all on either side of the aisle. that's a joke that leads to overtesting, too expensive insurance policies. malpractice is not inherent in providing universal health care. >> a couple of points. first of all, wilbur raised the bar by the way, if you're talk being not just slowing the rate of growth of spending but cutting spending that makes the solution a lot harder. i'm not saying you're wrong. i happen to disagree with you. >> i didn't say we should cut actual spending. i said that the verbiage about it is wrong because we're not cutting spend willing. we' we'readjusting the rate of growth. >> we haven't talked about the fact that everybody up there in washington agrees with 98% of the tax policy that should reset w
enough, he's going to meet with paul ryan. where that goes is also anybody's guess, but before that meeting, the speaker's office telling us they accepted the meeting only on the condition that the white house bring up some specific spending cuts and get serious about spending, i talked to senator lindsay gram, a republican, just before geithner walked into the building. he said he doesn't think there's that much asphalt on the road for reins to talk about tax increases at this point, he want f s to see some specific offers from the democrats. >> we'll be coming back to you not too long from now. >>> now to a big earnings mover in the luxury retail sales. brian, i read through your note that you issued this morning. you said still weak but not dismal. same store sales up 1%. inventories climbed 11%. this is not dismal, they are cutting the third year. >> as i look through the results today and there's no question on the face of them, they look really bad. tiffany did earnings per share of 45 cents, we were at 62 cents, i think the street was at 63. the crux of that miss was gro
right after mitt romney had selected paul ryan as his vice presidential running mate and ryan proposed farther reaching proposals in medicare than democrats were willing to support. what do you think is the effect of the candidacy on where we pick up the negotiations now? >> i don't think it's had much effect. really. other than really extreme proposal that congressman ryan had in his first budget has been pretty much rejected by even his own party. i don't think anybody is going to accept shredding medicare in order to get an agreement. that cannot be the answer. >> senator, one last question here. the dow is up 30 points. when these negotiations began, they were down 40, 50 points. pelosi makes a point of potentially creating a method to create to the market how negotiations are going without negotiating in public. is there a way to do that between now and year end? >> yeah. that's to get a result. you know? at the end of the day, what really has to happen is that we agree on a down payment, something that would be put in place right away. and we agree on a framework so that we know
and applause ] you know, next to ann romney, paul ryan is the best choice i have ever made, i got to tell you. now, we're just entering the final weekend of the campaign, and as you know at the obama rallies they're shouting four more years, four more years, and i just heard you, we're shouting four more days, and we're so very grateful to you and people across the country for all you've done to give yourselves to this campaign. this is not just about paul and me, this is about america, about the future we're going to leave to our children. we thank you, and we ask you to stay all the way to the if ininitial line because we're going to win on tuesday night. [ cheers and applause ] you know, the closing hours of a campaign have a dynamic all their own. a lot of voters have known for some time who they were going to vote for. but there are others that are just now putting aside the demands of their daily life and considering how their vote will affect their own life, the life of their children, and, of course, the course of the country that we love. and we ask them and you to look beyond the sp
the "new york times." democrats like a romney idea. >> did you see paul ryan's comment? >> no. but i got my button back on because i'm -- i'm going to tell that you rise above is kind of like a rorschach thing. because for me, rise above means democrats rising above the obsession with rates and realizing broadening the bates is better -- >> it means coming together. >> that is a way of coming together. you're raising revenue. your only way is if the republicans say yes -- >> no, that is not true. my way is anyway you come up with an agreement is a great way. you're only looking from one side of the aisle. >> but they'll never agree to raising rates about sfw. >> i will give you that it is a error sha rorschach test, but i want you to actually cut some things and i want you to deal with expenditures. >> you have the same house that said no to 39.6 on the high he said. but a way of raising revenue will spur growth -- they're coming around to the correct version right here. >> what about the idea democrats say we will take on the social issues, we will take on makinging sure that we're cutting
saw what paul ryan said. the house was re-elected. so people re-elected those people in the house for a reason. it's a nonstarter. it's not going to happen. it's not going to be 1.6 billion. 1.6 trillion. to get to four trillion, that would be 2.4. so we said that. he'll go not 3-1 like simpson bowles. he's go one and a half to one. >> that's not going to happen either. >> but what bothers me -- >> the problem is nothing is going to happen. >> what bothers me is i do think you can get to a point where you raise taxes too much and you don't cut spending enough, where you're just funding entitlements by raising taxes and you don't do anything about it. if he had his way, i really think he would do that. i still don't think he gets it. >> when you hear people who are saying things like that, my guess is if you had boehner and president obama sit down in a room together, they could probably come up with an approach. >> we'll see. you don't have your button. >> i do. >> i'll just make one point. >> what's that? >> if you don't rise above, you know what you do? you sink below. you sink
to learn to get the message out there. for example, when romney announced paul ryan, you notice the background, all white. why? that's just stupid if you're trying to reach out to voters. same thing at the convention -- >> you blame it solely on on the candidate himself not -- >> and the party. the candidate and the campaign and some of our senatorial candidates got it better which is why they faired fairly well. but you have to have the positive optimistic reaganesque message, sound money, lower tax rate, opportunity of controlling your own health care and the like. >> but people say demographics are going in the wrong direction. >> demographics change. we assume if you start out in a certain part of life you're going to stay there forever? no. people move up. >> what about -- >> irish, italians were all seen as democrat. ray began coeagan comes along, to republican. >> you ck didn't have 47% on th receiving end. i'm allowed to say 47%. i'm not running for anything. it wasn't 47% when reagan was running. and i'm with andrew on this, listening to the radio, there was this really
. suddenly you have paul ryan back in the mix. this is like having john back in the mix. i don't know if you remember him. there are still a lot of people, a lot of people in the republican party who are saying this $250,000 and more, i will go to my grave before i raise taxes for the wealthy and i'm not hearing any of these guys saying i used to believe in not raising taxes for the wealthy and now i believe it. >> david has been a critic. problems are going to come along. in light of that, what's today all about? what are these futures all about? >> we live in a period of hope where you come in and the last guy you spoke is positive. the next guy -- senator mcconnell, i think what he says is futures you should be up, market should be down. we're not going anywhere. go short the market. that's not exactly what mcconnell would be saying but that's how i would read his comments. favors lower stock prices for all. that's a problem. >> it was interesting that he addresses december selling and notion that higher capital gains taxes, higher dividend taxes are going to increase selling. jpmorgan is
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